2022 EndRadioFleaMarket

Stichting B.R.A.C. no longer organizes the Radio Flea Market

The Covid 19 outburst forced us to cancel the 45th Radio Flea Market of March 21st 2020.

In 2021 and 2022 again it was not possible to let the 45th Radio Flea Market take place.

Changing circumstances made it difficult to plan a Radio Flea Market the way it used to be.

Unfortunately we had to draw the conclusion to stop organizing the Radio Flea Market.

Our gratitude goes out to the many volunteers that supported us during this event throughout the years.
The choice of the goodies the exhibitors brought to the Radio Flea Market made it interesting for the many visitors.
We very much enjoyed the visitors enthusiasm as they searched for unexpected treasures .


Stichting B.R.A.C.

Rens Schoones