Conditions Ham Flea market

Participating implies accepting our rules.

Your participation is at your own risk.
The organiser and its personal is not liable for anything that happens to you, caused by your participation.

Registration fee has to be paid in advance. Reception date of the registration fee is determining the order of admission. After receipt of your registration fee we will immediately confirm this per E-mail or Post and inform you if you have a place or not on the flea market. Around the end of February you will receive your stand number and other information. In case you have not received a place on the flea market we will reimburse your money.

We will not accept any payment as a registration fee for the admission to the next market.
For each market you will have to register and pay the registration fee anew.

We will reimburse half of the registration fee when we receive your cancellation up to Sunday 2 weeks before the market is scheduled. No money will be reimbursed when your cancellation is received after this Sunday.

Used and new equipment may be sold, as well as new electronic components, measuring instruments, antennas, hobby-tools, etc..
Goal of the flea market is to stimulate home-brew by the radio amateur or electronics hobbyist. We therefore can not accept participants who sell materials not related to the above goal. In case of doubt the organisation will decide if the goods are to be accepted or have to be cleared from the premises.

Legal Aspects.
Dutch law applies:
– Selling of illegal apparatus is forbidden.
– Smoking is prohibited.

Loud noise, light shows, laser flashing, etc. are not allowed.

Environmental Plan.
You rented a clean stand and you have to return a clean stand at the end of the day.
As there are no garbage containers available you will have to take home your own litter.
By cooperating you will help preventing a drastic rise of disposal costs and keep the registration fee at an affordable level for everyone.

Parking is organized by LIBÉMA (owner of Autotron) from whom we rent the premises. Libéma is responsible for all conditions (prices) and the execution.

Stand holders have their own parking lot that will be locked down after unloading time in the morning.

Entries and exits have to stay clear of vehicles because of Fire Brigade and emergency regulations.
For the purpose of unloading, your vehicle may be temporarily placed at an entrance. At all times a driver must be present at the vehicle to move it when requested.

In General.
We don’t want to make a list of all the do and don’t s, but always applies:
The organisation determines what is allowed and what not.

Stichting Bossche Radio Amateur Club.