Dutch National Radio Flea Market 2018.

On Saturday, the 17th of March 2018, the VERON, section ‘s-Hertogenbosch, organises the 43rd annual Dutch National Radio Flea Market in the “Autotron” in Rosmalen (‘s-Hertogenbosch). The Dutch National Radio Flea Market is open for public from 9.00 till 15.30.

In the previous 42 years this flea market grew into one of the major Dutch Ham events. In 2017 we again received almost 4500 visitors.  Apart from sniffing around in the more than 330 stands, this is, of course, the event to meet “everyone” again in a very stimulating environment.

The market.

This event is a Flea Market, however new equipment may be sold as well, like electronic components, measuring-instruments, antennas etc.. Stands with unrelated materials will not be admitted.
Many people are coming, not only to shop, but also to meet old friends and to sniff the atmosphere. We expect this 43rd Dutch National Radio Flea Market to be something special again and to be a great event for all radio amateurs. There are restaurant facilities for snacks and refreshments.
Smoking is forbidden by law.

Entrance and tickets.

The flea market is open from 9.00 ‑ 15.30., the entrance fee is € 8,- per person. When the ticket boxes opens at 8.00 the restaurant is open as well.

Parking: LIBÉMA, the owner of the Autotron,  has sufficient parking facilities available to handle all visitors.


By car: The Autotron is indicated on the motorway signs on the A59 from ‘s-Hertogenbosch to Nijmegen and on the A2 signs around ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Public transportation: The Autotron can be reached by bus line 90 starting at bus station ‘s-Hertogenbosch direction Heesch. Please plan your trip at 9292.nl. An alternative could be www.regiotaxi-shertogenbosch.nl/.

To reserve for a market stand or get the latest information, visit our website at www.radiovlooienmarkt.nl, or write us per E-mail: info@radiovlooienmarkt.nl.

We are looking forward to your visit.

VERON, section ‘s-Hertogenbosch / Stichting BRAC,
Rens Schoones, PA3FGA,  secretary Stichting BRAC.